Sunday 25 December 2016

This Interesting conversation between a 'good sidechick' and a wife

Most guys give their women lame Sex and then wonder why their women stop wanting it or cheat on them.
Let me tell you something. Women don’t really care who they have Sex with. They can even go to the extend of having Sex with the driver and the gateman if they are endowed and can satisfy them.
In order to take advantage of the fact that WOMEN LOVE SEX be sure to give your woman great Sex Give her great Sex by doing the following things (that most men don’t do).
Let Me ask you.
1. Are you a magician? How can you give your woman a great S3@.x:’ When you only last two minutes in bed?
2. How do you intend to make her lust in pleasure screaming your name when your BLOKOS is only like my middle finger.
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Women are Sexually submissive

Most men don’t realize this and they expect their women to INSTIGATE THE SEX and take control. But this attitude frustrates and annoys women and bores them to death.
Women are nearly always Sexually submissive — meaning that they want manly, masculine, Sexual confident men who TAKE CONTROL and LEAD THEM in the bedroom.
They do not want the average man who asks and BEGS for SEX because that’s just lame.

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