Sunday 15 January 2017

Consumers option for coal pot to cook in Nigeria now

Image result for cOAL POTS IN NIGERIAFollowing the alarming increase in the price of Dual Purpose Kerosene[DPK], known as kerosene, and cooking gas, amajority of households have turned to coal pots, which are far cheaper and readily available.
An investigation by our Correspondent reveals that not only that the price of kerosene and cooking gas has escalated by about 30%, while cooking gas can be sourced by those ready to pay the high price, kerosene which is used by over 30million households in Nigeria has become scarce.
Investigations as at the time of filing this report reveals that a 12.5kg of cooking gas sells for N4,200 as against N3,000 while a litre of DPK which used to cost N200 is now about N400.
As an alternative to DPK which majority of consumers depend on, consumers, even hoteliers, have resorted to coal pots. Coal pots which come in various sizes, consist of the metal pot and charcoal. The small sizes sell as low as N400, while the medium size sells for about N700 with the very big ones used by caterers sell for N1,200, and N1,600.
Findings revealed that charcoal which is used to fill the coal pot even sells as low as NI00 per bag while the very big bag that can last an average family for six months or even more sells for between N3,000 and N3,500, depending on the market.
DPK hit an all-time high price of N400 per litre, worsening the pains of over 30 million households who depend on the product for cooking.
Meanwhile, the Nigerian Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, blamed oil marketers in the country for the excruciating scarcity of DPK and cooking gas and the high price of the commodities across the country
Although analysts said it was normal during the Yuletide period, the price of the commodity normally goes up a bit because of high demand, they noted that the recent sharp rise from N3,000 to N4,000-N4,500  which has lingered was abnormal

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